Glenn C Wilson’s Martial Arts Centers

Pai Lum Tao – The way of the White Forrest is a time tested Martial Arts System/Style. It has traditional roots that transcends our modern times and needs. For those looking for traditional values, internal as well as external health, lethal self defense, beautiful athletic movement coupled with teachings of honor – loyalty & courage! Pai Lum Tao Martial Arts is second to none.

Pai Lum Tao has never been a mass marketed sport; it is an ancient art that has been molded to fit perfectly into our modern needs and desires. It’s ancient roots began in China and the Hard / Soft roots are evident in Pai Lum Tao’s forms and self defense routines. During it’s growth the White Dragon System would be influenced by Japanese & Okinawan teachings. It’s modern development would be in Hawaii where so many modern styles have blossomed. In the early 1950s this incredible system would find its way to the mainland USA. Responsible for bringing this awesome system to us is Great Grandmaster – Dr. Daniel Kalimaahaaee ‘Kane’ Pai. Today, modern Pai Lum Tao is categorized as a Chinese Southern Long Hand / Hawaiian Martial Art.

Today, Grandmaster – Professor Glenn C. Wilson, a direct disciple of the late Great Grandmaster Pai teaches and oversees this awesome system as well as Academies throughout the world. He also chairs the White Dragon Warrior Society. This Society ensures the highest level of martial arts proficiency balanced with integrity and honorable ways of life.

Pai Lum Tao offers four traditional disciplines to choose from, Kung Fu – Kenpo – San Shou & Tai Chi. Eager students throughout the world treasure their training in these very beneficial categories. They find a complete balance of inner peace and external power that helps them in their every day lives.

Pai Lum Tao taught under the direction of Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson is recognized worldwide. Your certification will be acknowledged by every major Martial Arts Organization including the famous Shaolin Temple in China. Credentials and registered certification of ranking is very important to those that are serious about their training and the legitimacy of their art! Ask yourself this, “Who recognizes your rank and hard training, time and money that you have invested.” Also, who are you certified with?

White Dragon Warrior Society
Honor, Loyalty & Courage are at the center of the philosophies of this prestigious organization / family! For more information on the benefits of Pai Lum Tao, the White Dragon Warrior Society and how you can become a direct student of Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson please call 407.728.5204 or e mail gro.muliap@nosliWCnnelG.

Pai Lum Tao: Honor, Courage, Loyalty