Pai Te Lung Kung Fu

Pai Te Lung Kung Fu / Orlando, FL

This highly effective martial art developed by the Pai ancestors and modernized for our times by Daniel Kane Pai is categorized as a long and short range system of Chinese Boxing that is truly unique. It encompasses smooth, fluid, powerful continuous striking patterns that will immobilize any attacker. This time tested form of self-defense will give one self-confidence and peace of mind. In China Pai Te Lung Chuan Fa is categorized as a Southern Long Hand Discipline of Martial Arts, yet you will find influences of Northern and even Tibetan arsenals hidden in its garden of knowledge. This awesome system is highly respected by all and you can trace its forms directly back to the world famous Shaolin Temple where this system was received with great respect and acceptance in the 2006 cultural exchange arranged by Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson and Lama Shi De Chao.

The study of Pai Te Lung Chuan Fa is an awakening of the mental, physical and spiritual being. The many exercises of Pai Te Lung Chuan Fa have been proven through the experiences of practitioners for more than 1500 years. The virtues of respect, dedication, perseverance, rightful living, and inner peace become the path and goal of the Pai Lum Tao student. From the serious physical training to the levels of reflection attained, it truly becomes an avenue of awareness where one may achieve their goals in life. The ‘Tao’ of Pai Lum is wisdom, courage, honor, strength, purity and all knowledge. This is portrayed in the training of this grand style of Asian Martial Arts.

Uti­lizing powerful punches and kicks to immobilize an attacker and gaining complete control of the confrontation finished with a highly effective takedown, is at the nucleus of Pai Te Lung Chuan Fa. Once the attacker is helpless on the ground regardless of the combination used, the practitioner would have ample time to escape, detain, or take fur­ther action as needed.

The unique blend of movements within the Pai Lum Tao system ensures that there are no set offensive or defensive techniques. Once an attack is initiated, the Pai Te Lung Chuan Fa practitioner would react with blinding speed utilizing every block as a strike and every strike as a block, with the formula “follow the source back and you will find the target”.

This allows the practitioner a no-nonsense reaction to the attack. The combina­tion of blocking, punching, kicking and take­down, then strike again proves to be a success­ful formula for self-defense.

Along with awesome speed and accuracy of the techniques, utilization of waist whipping enables the Pai Te Lung Chuan Fa practitioner an effortless takedown and weaves a pattern of magical motion. This motion is unleashed with a flurry of circular, straight, or trapping tech­niques which explode so rapidly that the oppo­nent has been permanently affixed to the floor by a brutal takedown before he realizes what has taken place. Incorporating a combination of thrusts, traps, locks, pressure points, and throws gives the practitioner a loaded arsenal to achieve maximum results with minimal effort.

Pai Te Lung Kung Fu
Pai Te Lung Chuan Fa is truly a well-rounded Martial Art. It is rich in history and has produced many top teachers and champions. As a self-defense, the Pai disciplines have been time tested and are second to none in effectiveness.

Pai Te Lung Chuan Fa has many health and philosophical teachings and benefits for the student. Self-confidence, self-discipline, positive awareness, higher level of total health and a more centered nature are all rewards of training. Historically based and nurtured in Buddhist philosophy, Pai Lum Tao Martial Arts have ancient values that are applicable in our modern societies. Seek peace always, yet always be a prepared warrior for self and others.

In these present times, Pai Lum Tao Martial Arts – Pai Te Lung Chuan Fa is being preserved for our future generations and societies that will be in much need of this beautiful and effective art. The White Dragon Warrior Society is working hard to make sure this dream and way of life stays alive.